Parents Evening, The Dreaded Evening

Parents evening, a drop in the ocean but significant enough to send shock waves of dread through young students minds. Starting with the hard task of making an appointment with a teacher who quite frankly doesn’t give a shit about you because you’re the kid who spends their time doodling in the back of their book every science lesson. As you ask for the latest time slot they stare at you in shock as if you’ve just asked for a nude picture and shake their heads disapprovingly forgetting that some people don’t work 9-5 unlike them. A week later the torturous hour you must spend being dragged from table to table to be told the same thing occurs. The sarcastic tone each teacher gives you begins and they smile at you uncontrollably like they even know who you are or where you came from. Suddenly out of thin air they pluck random statistics or facts that you weren’t even aware of but encourage you to nod along to make them look professional. They take great joy in predicting you A’s but also take much more pleasure in picking out your flaws, slaughtering your every mistake and looking you straight in the eye. Followed by the disapproving look you get from your parents as you can see the anger building up in their limited brain. Because didn’t you know parents know everything and when they were a student it was so much harder?
After enduring this shameful experience you walk down the musty smelling school corridor towards the exit, being man handled down to the car to prevent any domestics in public as that would be frowned upon. As you plead your innocence and argue dramatically your case, nobody seems to care for your opinion. However once you enter the car and you ask your parents when they’ve ever used Pythagoras or trigonometry, they just stare at you and turn the radio on and insist they’ll talk about it in the morning.
But in the morning that topic of conversation doesn’t appear, only a 2 weeks grounding sentence for my appalling behaviour in the classroom. But still teachers and parents wonder why us students are so against parents evening, not only does it drive a wedge in our family life outside of school but it deflates our confidence. The one spark of hope we had for our target grade has hit rock bottom and the last bit of sanity we had towards school flew out the window.